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Ribbon Lei Lessons

- Graduation Gifts with Love
Custom Graduate Tag included​​

What is a Ribbon Lei?

Gifting a lei is a cherished Hawaiian tradition of giving Aloha, which means love, respect, and gratitude, to a special person.  In old tradition, a lei was also believed to ward off evil spirits, so fresh flowers and leaves believed to have natural spitirual powers were often used in making a lei.  In recent days, to conserve Hawaii's depleting natural resources, ribbon and yarn are used as substitutions to create colorful and unique leis.  

Today, gifting leis to graduates, friends, and teachers has become a popular tradition even outside of Hawaii.  Ribbon leis can be made well in advance and also kept as keepsake after the milestone event.  As there are for traditional flower leis, there exists a variety of techniques and styles in making ribbon and yarn leis.  

At ULANA, we offer basic lei making lessons for a beginner to learn the different techniques.  We also offer a one-time lesson to create a single lei to give to a graduate or a special someone.  

Custom "Class of 2022" tag is also included in each lesson to make your lei a special keepsake to remember this special year.  

Won't you take part in this special Hawaiian tradition by making a lei for your graduate to celebrate his or her accomplishments as well as show friendship and appreciation to others?  ULANA would like to help!

Braided Lei Course  $50   (no use of needle and thread)

We teach the complete steps from start to finish so that you can create your own leis to match your style after taking our braided lei course.  Limited color selection for practicing will be provided to learn the different styles.  You will be able to complete all the practice leis at home and make as many leis as you want in the future.  

This is a course for you to firmly acquire the braiding technique.

[Course content]

・ How to start braiding at the center and basic braiding technique.

・ Two color variation.

・ Three color variation (How to start from the ends of the ribbon and mixing colors)

・ Double braided lei (Intermediate level)

・ Original Graduation tag (x1) included 

​Ribbon Lei Material Kits $ 5 ~ $ 15​

Kits include ribbon for making a lei of your choice and our original "Class of 2022" tag (x1).

Our graduation tag is offered at $ 2 / piece.  We also have a limited number of 2023, 2024 tags.

We offer kits only to those who have taken our courses.​  Please contact us in advance for color choices and quantity so that we can make sure we have your selection.  

Finished product sales (pre-order required) from $23

If you don't have time or need a large number of leis, we can make them for you.

We can create leis in school colors or your child's favorite colors, as well as single or double leis and other types of ribbon leis, according to your requests, so please feel free to contact us .

【please note】

Depending on ribbon availability and order status, we may not be able to fulfill all requests.

Graduation ceremonies are often held on the same day as neighboring schools, so we recommend ordering early.

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