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​Enjoy craft band weaving in LA

Craft band is a paper weaving material made of

recycled paper only available in Japan until now!

The weaving material is supple and easy to handle

yet durable as well as versatile in weaving baskets, handbags, coaster and wreaths. 

It can also be used in making smaller projects such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, as well as ornaments.  

Now you can learn this unique and popular Japanese craft

here in Los Angeles!

​No needles or thread necessary, just a pair of scissors and glue.                  

Lesson information

From beginners to experienced students,

we offer lessons to suit your desire to create something special



​When the trial lesson is over

Furthering your skills

Trial lesson

If you are new to craft band, we suggest you start with our trial lesson.

The weaving materials are pre-cut, so you can start working on the basket right away.

​You can make a very cute basket or coasters in about 2 hours.

Basic lesson

Basic lessons are available for those who have completed the trial lesson and want to make more projects. We offer projects that take two or more lessons. You will learn new methods and skills with each project.

​Advanced lesson

​Once you have learned the basics, it's time to take on slightly more challenging projects. You may want to make an original work to give as a gift or sell. Experienced students will be able choose new projects from books.  Those who have a WIP (work in progress) project sitting at home, let us help you complete your project.  


We offer other lessons to suit your creative mind!

Please contact us to find out more.

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