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About our lessons

We have various lessons to suit different experience levels. 
Please contact us with any requests or questions. 

Prices are based on Torrance Class. Irvine Class fees vary as the instructor's travel fee and venue fee are included. Please contact us for details.

Trial lesson

Basket with a handle

​$ 30

(includes material cost)


In this introductory class, you will finish a cute basket in about 2 hours. You may not believe that this is made out of paper!  You will choose your own rim and handle color to make your first one-of-a-kind basket!

Size: approx.

W20cm D10cm H7cm

Basic lesson

Big Market bag

$ 70

   (includes material cost)

* 2 lessons


This project is for students who have completed the "Basic basket with a handle."  

Basic lesson

Square knot paper napkin holder

$ 35

   (includes material cost)

* 2 lessons


This paper napkin holder holds square paper napkins from Costco perfectly!  Choose your own pattern and colors.

This project is for students who have completed the "Square knot coaster".  

Kids are welcome!

Circle Coaster

​$ 25 (includes material cost)


It's a fun to make thinking color combination and design.  It can also be used as an accessory tray.

Children who can use scissors can take this class, so parents and children can have fun together.


Advanced lesson

Flower knot pot Holder 

$ 30 

  (includes material cost)



Japanese doll


​$35( includes material cost)​


These cute dolls are designed by Craftband instructor Mrs. Ehira from Niigata Japan.


Advanced lesson

Lesson fee and material cost will vary depending on the project.

Please contact us for details.

Basic (1).png

Are you ready to challenge yourself with more advanced projects?  When you put in that extra time and effort, the joy and satisfaction of completing a project are second to none! We are here to help you along the way. 

Trial lesson

Square knot coaster

​$ 30

(includes material cost

for two coasters)


Square knot method uses strips of craft band and creates a beautiful and durable flat weave.  This lesson will teach you the basics to complete two coasters using colors and patterns of your choice.  Additional materials available ($5/coaster).  It makes for a great gift!  

Size: approx. 10cm×10cm

Tricot Original

​Godeye Basket

​$ 35

(includes material cost)


A round shape basket with god's eye and colorful colors are original from Japan Paper Band Creators Association.

For your first-time, we recommend size Small. Once the Small size is made, you can also make the Medium size just by purchasing the materials. For those who want to take on an even bigger challenge, there is also a Large  size.

Basic lesson

​Chase Weave Basket

$ 30

  (includes material cost)

* 1 lesson

Happy Summer (4).png

Chase weave is the one of basic technique to make baskets.

You'll learn how to cut craft bands, so you'll gain confidence for your next projects.

Basic lesson

Coaster case 

$ 30

  (includes material cost)

* 2 lessons

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

This is project is for students who have completed the Trial lesson "Square knot coaster."  A case can be designed to fit all of the coasters you have made in the pervious lesson.  This lesson is for the holder only.



(need material cost)


PP Bands are made out of the recycled caps of the plastic bottles.
Light and strong material that can be washed with water.
You will need a couple of lessons to finish your project.


Basic lesson

​Lesson fee and material cost will vary depending on the project.

Please contact us for details.


In Basic lesson, you will learn the basic techniques and  be introduced to the the joy of crafting with Craft band.  We want you to discover this wonderful craft with us! 


Private at-home lesson

If you have 3 or more people, we conduct private lessons at your place.
Please feel free to ask more details.

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