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Ribbon Lei Lessons

- Graduation Gifts with Aloha
Custom Graduate Tag included​​

What is a Ribbon Lei?

Gifting a lei is a cherished Hawaiian tradition of giving Aloha, which means love, respect, and gratitude, to a special person.  In old tradition, a lei was also believed to ward off evil spirits, so fresh flowers and leaves believed to have natural spitirual powers were often used in making a lei.  In recent days, to conserve Hawaii's depleting natural resources, ribbon and yarn are used as substitutions to create colorful and unique leis.  

Today, gifting leis to graduates, friends, and teachers has become a popular tradition even outside of Hawaii.  Ribbon leis can be made well in advance and also kept as keepsake after the milestone event.  As there are for traditional flower leis, there exists a variety of techniques and styles in making ribbon and yarn leis.  

At ULANA, we offer basic lei making lessons for a beginner to learn the different techniques.  We also offer a one-time lesson to create a single lei to give to a graduate or a special someone.  

Custom "Class of 2022" tag is also included in each lesson to make your lei a special keepsake to remember this special year.  

Won't you take part in this special Hawaiian tradition by making a lei for your graduate to celebrate his or her accomplishments as well as show friendship and appreciation to others?  ULANA would like to help!

Ribbon Lei Lessons Information

Braid Course (Basics)



This is a class to learn the classic ribbon lei technique, "Single Braid" (no needles or thread are used).

You will practice the how to start to braid, which is easy to forget, many times with a practice ribbon. In addition, you will learn how to change colors (patterns). After taking the lesson, you will have the skills to make various arrangements on your own.


*Please bring your own ribbon (practice ribbons will be provided at the studio)


[Course Content]

・How to braid from the center

・How to rearrange two colors (change patterns)

Braid Course (Advanced)



In the advanced version, you can weave the single braids you learned in the basic version in three or four colors.

More color change patterns available.

The curriculum also includes the lesson of a "double braide lei" that is worthy of being called a special piece.


The ''Advanced Braid Lei Course'' is for those who have taken the Basic Braid Lei Course or who can braid a single braid from the center (conditions apply).


Please provide your own ribbon

(Details about materials will be provided separately.)

[Course Content]

How to braid from the edge

-How to braid with 3 or 4 colors and how to substitute them

​・How to weave a double braided lei

Plumeria Lei



Use a needle and thread. (For those who can do simple stitches)

These adorable leis are reminiscent of real plumeria, and you can enjoy a variety of different looks just by changing the ribbon width and material.


Please provide your own ribbon

(Details about materials will be provided separately.)

[Course Content]

・How to make a standard plumeria lei

​・Examples of variations using the Plumeria ray technique


Candy Lei / Yarn Lei

From $25

This lei is very easy to make as it does not require needles or thread.

Candy leis are very popular with young children, regardless of whether it's a graduation ceremony or not.

Yarn leis can be made even by elementary school children, making them the perfect gifts for children to give to their friends.

Please bring your own candy and yarn.

(Details about materials will be provided separately.)

Money Motif

$10 option

It is a great idea decorating your ribbon lei with money motifs !!!

The finished product is sure to delight older boys.

Ribbon Lei
Custom Order & Sales

From $25

You can also order and purchase our ribbon leis.

Please contact us with your desired color and design.

We will create it with all our aloha.

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