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​Basic course

This is a course to firmly acquire the basics of craft bands.

By understanding the basics, you will be able to create works with a more beautiful finish.


About KEA (Craft Band Ecology Association)

This association was established to train instructors with the correct techniques and knowledge to make crafts using the environmentally friendly material, craft band (paper band), in a correct and lasting way.

Its solid curriculum has produced more than 4,500 instructors around the world, not only in Japan but also in the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

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A total of 7 works made in the basic course

In the basic course, you will learn the basics of craft bands while making a total of 7 works recommended by the instructor. Every time you make a work, you will acquire new skills such as bare knitting, chasing knitting, and how to make a round bottom.

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